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C5 Elite Military Profile

Based on scientific research with elite athletes, PsyMetrics' C5 Elite Military Profile helps military establishments quickly identify those individuals who possess five critical behavioral characteristics that have been linked to the mental toughness, drive, preparation, teamwork and self-confidence necessary for athletic success. These five dimensions have direct transferability to what it takes to succeed in a military environment. Areas assessed by the C5 are:


The degree to which the individual pushes him/herself to the absolute limit, is mentally tough, prepares for competitive situations, has the internal drive to be the best, exhibits a winning attitude and is willing to do what it takes to succeed.


The degree to which the individual can be counted on to attend appointments and meetings as scheduled, thinks things through, is organized, responsible and achievement driven.


The degree to which the individual is a team player, is willing to sacrifice self for the good of the team, trusts those around him/her and does not engage in conflict with team members or superiors.


The degree to which the individual feels he/she is in control during tough situations, is self confident and is not afraid of high pressure confrontations.


The degree to which the individual values winning. The degree to which the individual is not easily satisfied and feels that winning or being the best means everything.


This test is ideal for military establishments that wish to build their teams with individuals who possess high levels of psychological character, conscientiousness and mental toughness.

The score report includes a performance bar graph, interpretive text and follow-up interview questions for low to moderate item scores. This feature helps in gathering additional insights into potential candidate shortcomings. Also included are suggestions for training and development and ranking options.

Test Details
  • 46 questions
  • Untimed (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Reliability check
  • Online administration
  • Immediate score report
  • Management Suggestions

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