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Elite Intellect Profile

Elite Character Profile

Hiring untrustworthy, counterproductive, dangerous individuals can have tremendous implications for any organization. Integrity, moral character, conscientious and responsible behaviors are essential to the safety and success of any business. Both employees and organizations have suffered great emotional and monetary losses due to lack of moral character and poor decisions.

PsyMetrics' - Elite Character Profile helps to identify those individuals who might be a potential risk to themselves or others. Appropriate steps can then be taken to reduce potentially negative outcomes. Areas assessed by the Elite Character Profile are:


The degree to which the candidate is likely to be honest and trusting of others.

Drug Free Attitudes

The degree to which the candidate is likely to avoid illegal drug use.

Rules Compliance

The degree to which the candidate is likely to follow established rules and adhere to policies and procedures.

Non Violent Attitudes

The degree to which the candidate is likely to respect others and not engage in aggressive behaviors such as resorting to physical violence or verbal threats.


The degree to which the candidate is willing to take responsibility for his or her actions, is dependable, punctual and conscientious.


The Elite Character Profile predicts:

  • Stealing
  • Drug use, breaking rules, non compliant behaviors
  • Physical and verbal aggression
  • Unreliable, counterproductive behaviors

This test is ideal for identifying individuals who are likely to engage in counterproductive behaviors. The lower the scores on the test, the higher the risks.

Test Details
  • 75 questions
  • Untimed (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Online administration
  • Immediate score report
  • Management Suggestions

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