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Elite Intellect Profile

Elite Intellect Profile

There is an extensive amount of research in the testing literature that focuses on cognitive ability tests or tests of intellect and their ability to predict various aspects of performance. The results of the research are consistent and clear: cognitive ability tests are valid predictors of training success, problem solving and learning ability.

PsyMetrics' - Elite Intellect Profile helps to identify those candidates who possess the mental ability to effectively problem solve and to quickly grasp new concepts and strategies. Areas assessed by the Elite Intellect Profile are:

Logical Reasoning

The degree to which the individual is likely to reason logically, problem solves efficiently and learns quickly.

Verbal Reasoning

The degree to which the individual is likely to understand logical relationships among words, including word comprehension and association. The ability to demonstrate quick and fluid thinking with respect to verbal or written communications.

Overall Intellect

Is a general indicator of the individual's ability to think quickly and solve problems. It is also a valid indicator of an individual's training potential.


The Elite Intellect Profile predicts:

  • Learning Ability
  • Problem Solving
  • Speed of information processing
  • I.Q.

This test is ideal for identifying individuals who will encounter situations requiring the learning of complex tasks, the ability to process and understand information quickly and the ability to consolidate information from various sources to come up with appropriate solutions to problems.

Test Details
  • 40 questions
  • 12 minutes timed
  • Includes IQ equivalency score
  • Job fit analysis
  • Online administration
  • Immediate score report
  • Management Suggestions

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