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Situational Judgment Test - Teams

Effective teamwork is critical to the success of any business. Organizations are comprised of work groups and departments that are expected to interact and work together to achieve the organization's goals. Whether to avoid duplication of tasks, share a heavy workload or meet the demands of the company, the need to work together as a team is essential for the success of the company.

Psymetrics' Situational Judgment Test - Teams consists of attitudinal, behavioral and situational questions aimed at assessing the candidate's ability to problem solve and use appropriate judgment in team environments. The test is designed to help identify those individuals who are more likely to be productive in work environments where teamwork is critical for success. The four areas assessed by this SJT are:

Team Spirit

The degree to which the candidate is likely to be a team player and cooperate in all aspects of his or her work relationships, including working in harmony with others to achieve a common goal.


The degree to which the candidate is likely to be flexible and open to change. The degree to which he/she is more open-minded than stubborn making it possible to compromise when appropriate.


The degree to which the candidate is likely to be trusting of others. The degree to which he/she is likely to build close, trusting relationships with coworkers.


The degree to which the candidate, although engaged in team interactions, is likely to be self-assured, is not overly affected by what others think of him or her, and is confident in his or her decisions and actions.


The Situational Judgment Test - Teams predicts:

  • Ability to cooperate when in a team environment
  • Ability to be self assured and confident in decision making
  • Ability to be flexible and accepting of change
  • Ability to preserve harmony in times of potential conflict
  • Ability to be aware of self and other's needs
  • Overall Job Performance

This test is ideal for organizations wanting to build cohesive, effective and cooperative teams. High scorers utilize appropriate judgment and problem-solving skills while engaged in team or work group situations.

Test Details
  • 30 questions
  • Untimed (approximately 25-30 minutes)
  • Follow-up interview questions
  • Reliability check
  • Online administration
  • Immediate score report
  • Management Suggestions

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